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Chapter III :: The Beach

The door opens.
NORIKO "Princess! Your friends are here!"
Miyoko comes down the stairs.
NORIKO "Come on in."
ARI "Hi Miyo-Chan!"
MIYOKO "Ari? What are you guys doing here?"
TOSHI "Makoto invited us to go to the beach with you guys."
Miyoko looks at Makoto.
MIYOKO "Really?"
MAKOTO "I figured it would make you happy."
MIYOKO "I thought you guys hated him? Especially you Hikaru."
HIKARU "I do, but I came to keep an eye on him."
Makoto glares at him.
MAKOTO "For what."
Hikaru glares back.
HIKARU "You know exactly why."
MAKOTO "Chill Takeda. We have to go my moms waiting."
NORIKO "Have fun kids!"
They all walk to Makotos.
ARI "We get to see Makotos house! I wonder if its big! Is your mom nice!? How old's your sister!?"
Ari keeps going on and on.
Makoto leans over to Miyoko.
MAKOTO "Does she have problems?"
MIYOKO "Honestly, I don't know."
They reach Makotos house.
His little sister comes running up.
SUKI "There you are! Its about time big brother! I wanna go!"
MAKOTO "Relax Suki."
ARI "Oh my gosh! Shes adorable!"
Ari runs to hug her.
ARI "You are so cute!"
She squeezes Suki
SUKI "Your hurting me."
MAKOTO "Fujita, don't kill my sister."
MICHIKO "Alright kids! Makoto! Look at all your friends! I never seen them before."
MAKOTO "Uh, yea."
TOSHI "Hello Mrs. Chikafuji. My name is Kono Toshi."
MICHIKO "What a gentlemen."
She smiles.
Makoto puts his arm around Toshi and laughs.
MAKOTO "Yea, Mr. Goody Goody. That's Takeda Hikaru, Fujita Ari, Tamura Kiku and Tamura Kimi, and that's Nakamura Miyoko."
Suki grabs Makoto by his shirt down to her level.
SUKI "Big brother is the girl with brown hair the girl you mumble about in your sleep."
His face gets red.
MAKOTO "No. Now shut up and you and your friend get in the car."
SUKI "Don't have to be so mean."
She sticks her tongue out.
MICHIKO "Shall we go?"
Everyone gets in the van.
They pull up to the beach house and get out of the van.
MICHIKO "You kids have fun! Makoto take good care of your sister and her friend and Suki you be nice to your brother!"
MAKOTO+SUKI "Yes ma'am."
MICHIKO "See you guys in a few days!"
She drives off.
HIKARU "You sure that's your mother Makoto? She's the complete opposite of you."
MAKOTO "Tell me about it."
Suki and her friend run off.
MAKOTO "Hey! Suki be careful!"
ARI "Aw! Your so brotherly Makoto!"
MAKOTO "Well let me show you guys around."
They walk inside.
ARI "Ah! Its so nice!"
MAKOTO "This is Sukis room. That's your guesses room and this is the guys."
TWINS+ARI "Lets get ready!"
They grab Miyoko and run to the room.
HIKARU "Hey, thanks for inviting us."
MAKOTO "Yea well I did if for Miyoko."
HIKARU "Whats going on between you to anyway?"
He blushes.
MAKOTO "Nothing that concerns you."
They get dressed into their bathing suits and go outside to the beach.
The girls come out afterward expect Miyoko.
TOSHI "Where's Miyoko?"
KIMI "She will be right out."
The girls run out to the water.
Hikaru puts his arm around Toshi.
HIKARU "We're going to see Miyo-Chan in a bathing suit!"
Toshi blushes.
TOSHI "Yea."
Makoto walks up to the guys.
MAKOTO "Wheres Miyoko?"
HIKARU "Why do you care?"
MAKOTO "It was a question, chill."
MIYOKO "Stop acting like children."
The guys turn around.
There faces turn bright red.
HIKARU "Don't you look cute Miyo-Chan!"
She glares at him.
Makoto puts his arm around her.
MAKOTO "Real sexy."
He face turns pink and she punches him in the stomach.
Hikaru laughs.
TOSHI "Let go swimming."
HIKARU "Yea! Coming Miyo-Chan?"
She looks at Makoto.

They all go in for dinner a few hours later.
EVERYONE "Thank you for the meal!"
ARI "Hey, where's Miyo-Chan?"
They all look around.
Makoto gets up and walks out the room to find her.
MAKOTO "Miyo-Chan?"
He opens the sliding door.
MAKOTO "Miyo?"
MIYOKO "Go away Makoto. I'm not in the mood."
MAKOTO "Heh, you never are. That never stopped me."
MIYOKO "What do you want?"
MAKOTO "Everyone was wondering where you were."
He walks closer to her.
MIYOKO "Go away!"
He walks up to her, kneels down and hugs her from behind. He starts laughing.
MAKOTO "Never!"
She struggles to get him off.
MIYOKO "Makoto!"
She pushes him off.
He looked at her face. It was all red and covered with tears.
MAKOTO "Miyo.."
MIYOKO "Why couldn't you just leave me alone! You never listen do you! Your such a child!"
She gets up and starts to walk out the door.
He gets up and hurry's to grab her arm.
He turns her around and holds her tight.
MAKOTO "Heh. If I did listen, then I couldn't help you. Now could I?"
She looks up at him.
MAKOTO "Lets go for a walk."
MIYOKO "What about the others? They  might get the wrong idea."
Makoto gets a big grin.
Miyoko glares at him.
MAKOTO "We will sneak out. If we told them Takeda would just follow us."
He holds her face and gets close to it.
MAKOTO "And if he did that, then I couldn't make any moves."
He winks.
Miyoko punches him in the stomach.
MIYOKO "Shut up."
He grabs her hand and starts walking out the back door. He smiles.
MAKOTO "Lets go!"
They walk outside and over to a boat.
MIYOKO "What are we doing?"
MAKOTO "Me and Suki used to take this boat out all the time to a secret cave we found when we where little."
MIYOKO "Must be nice. To have a little sister."
MAKOTO "Heh. Yea sometimes."
He steps one foot in the boat and hold his hand out.
MAKOTO "Ready?"
Miyoko grabs his hand and he helps her in the boat.
He pushes it in the water and jumps in.
He started paddling.
MAKOTO "So, whats wrong?"
MIYOKO "It's nothing, really."
He chuckles.
MAKOTO "Yea like I haven't herd that before. Come on Miyo, tell me."
She looks down she pulls the bottom of her dress down and tries to close her legs as much as she could.
He face turns pink.
MIYOKO "Could have let me change first."
He puts the paddles back in the boat.
MAKOTO "Stop changing the subject. You look fine. Now we aren't going to move until you tell me whats wrong."
MIYOKO "I have wings. I can just fly back you know."
He grabs her arms, turns her around and sits her in him lap holding her tight.
MAKOTO "Now you can't leave."
MIYOKO "Makoto! This isn't funny!"
MAKOTO "Why don't you stop being so stubborn! All I want to do is help you!"
MIYOKO "If you want to help then leave me alone and let me go!"
MAKOTO "Fine!"
He lets go.
They sit there both looking down at their feet in silence.
MAKOTO "Can you just answer me one question."
MIYOKO "What?"
MAKOTO "You never smile, or laugh. Why?"
MIYOKO "I'm not answering that."
MAKOTO "Then how am I supposed to make you smile!?"
MIYOKO "Don't waste you time."
He gets in her face.
MAKOTO "Then you don't know me at all."
MIYOKO "Back off!"
MAKOTO "Small boat, don't think I can."
He smiles.
She pushes him,
He falls off the boat.
She looks over the edge.
MIYOKO "Makoto?"
He pops his head out of the water, grabs her arm and pulls her in.
They both reach the surface.
MIYOKO "Makoto! What the hell!?"
He laughs.
MAKOTO "Oh come on! That was funny."
He splashes her.
MIYOKO "It was not!"
She splashes him back.
He slashes her again, gets closer to her and smiles.
She splashes him back again and a small smile runs across her face.
MAKOTO "Would you look at that! I think I spy a little smile!"
She pushes him away and starts swimming to the boat.
MIYOKO "Your such a jerk!"
She climbs back in.
He swims to the boat.
She holds her hand out and smirks.
MIYOKO "I do have to give you credit though. Your the first to ever make me smile for such a long time."
He takes her hand and smiles.
She pulls him in and they fall over.
He lifts his body up and looks down and back up to her face.
He smiles and goes to whisper in her ear.
MAKOTO "Maybe I should have let you changed."
Her face turns red.
MAKOTO "Don't worry, I'm not going to kiss you again."
He sits up and takes off his shirt.
MAKOTO "I learned the first time."
MIYOKO "Makoto, I."
MAKOTO "Don't worry about it."
He hands her his shirt.
MAKOTO "It may be wet but its black and will cover you up."
She takes it.
MIYOKO "Thanks."
She puts it on.
He picks up the paddles and paddles back to shore.
She looks at him.
He looks back at her.
She leans over to him.
She places her right hand on his face and kisses his neck.
He slowly places the paddles back in the boat and takes her face.
They looked into each others eyes and the boat floated back to shore.
He goes in for a kiss when they here screaming.
HIKARU "Help!"
SUKI "Help! Big brother where are you!?"
ARI "Miyo-Chan!"
They both look at shore.
MIYOKO "What the hell is that!"
MAKOTO "It's a, octopus?"
Miyoko pops out her wings and grabs Makoto.
She flies back to shore.
HIKARU "Miyo-Chan!"
She flies up to the creatures head and kicks it but it's free tentacle hit her.
MAKOTO "Miyoko!"
He holds out his hand and his scythe appeared.
He runs to the creature and attacks it.
It had no effect.
It grabs him and squeezes him.
Miyoko gets up.
MIYOKO "Let them go!"
Her eyes turn red and dirt starts flying in a circle around her.
It swirls faster and faster, growing taller.
It goes back down.
Miyokos hair turned white, her eyes the color of blood, and a different outfit.
She lowers her eyebrows.
HIKARU "What the hell happened to Miyo-Chan!?"
MAKOTO "Princess."
Chapter 3. Please let me know what you guys think so far. I hope I'm doing better then the first time, and I know this wont be the first time I'm going to re-due this. I hope one day I'll get it right lol.
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